Pentagon Service

Pentagon Service partners with world-renowned brands and helps them manage their global presence on marketplaces.

Accelerating Online Growth through Global Marketplaces
  • Technology and Implementation – provision and management of the required marketplaces technology, integrated to a number of marketplaces and a single integration to Client’s systems
  • Listings services – Creation, optimisation, catalogue matching and localisations, as well as translation in the respective language
  • Designs – Store creation and product page designs; increased brand awareness through tailored store designs and targeted promotions
  • Store Management – Proactive day-to-day and strategic account management to drive sales and boost global online growth
  • Marketplace Insights – Insights into local shopping preferences and habits though our long established marketplace relationships
  • Customer service – Localised, multilingual customer support in 10 languages to deliver an excellent customer experience


Pentagon Retail

Pentagon Retail removes the complexities of international trade and global expansion by providing a full range of services to sellers from all around the world.

One contract. One integration. A World of Opportunity.
Our Retail model offers easy, risk-free integration to over 60 global marketplaces to sellers who want to sell internationally. Our mission is to connect products to buyers from all around the world.
WAP Retail acts as the merchant of record and takes care of:
  • Local customs, duties and tax
  • Technical integration to multiple marketplaces
  • Translations and localisation
  • Tailored marketing via local channels
  • International logistics and returns
  • Currency conversion and repatriation
  • Day-to-day store management
  • Multi-lingual customer service
  • Market research and reporting

Pentagon Technology

Pentagon Technology develops and maintains the software integration platform that enables sellers to trade on over 60 marketplace channels.

The Global eCommerce Market at Your Fingertips
Our Technology solution enables sellers to completely centralise their marketplace product and order management on a single platform. Our unique integration system opens the doors to more than 60 ecommerce channels.

Job roles and departments in Pentagon Service:

Account Management

The Account Managers are responsible for a portfolio of clients and they specialise in business development, trading on marketplaces, ecommerce consulting and the management of day-to-day business processes. Account managers collaborate with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, they analyse the business requirements of each client, they create and execute strategies that enable revenue growth and scalable expansion.

This is the job for you if:

  • You are an outgoing, entrepreneurial person with a can-do attitude
  • You have a passion for ecommerce, trading and business development
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with others
  • You love communicating, building relationships and driving results
  • You are keen on doing research and looking for new ways to streamline existing processes
  • You want to collaborate with different departments and gain a wide range of skills
  • You aspire to incrementally grow the revenue of, manage and represent world-renowned brands across multiple ecommerce channels

Customer Service

The Customer Service Officers handle all incoming and outgoing communication with end buyers on marketplaces. They specialise in providing timely, efficient support and they apply problem resolution techniques according to the marketplace best practices. Our customer service officers are always able to align the interests of buyers and sellers to drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.
This is the job for you if:
  • You are a positive, client-facing person with a personal approach and an eye for detail
  • You enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others
  • You have a passion for helping people, communicating with clients and driving customer satisfaction
  • You love investigating and resolving complex issues by employing your knowledge of customer service best practices
  • You want to work in a dynamic environment that encourages collaboration and creativity
  • You aspire to transform all customers into loyal brand followers

Design & Creative

This is the job for you if:
  • You are a creative person with a unique vision and the ability to turn ideas into a reality
  • You have a passion for quality, immaculate design and new technology
  • You love creating an authentic brand representation across different platforms
  • You want to continuously develop your skills to achieve the perfect blend between user experience, technical functionality and brand authenticity
  • You aspire to work with world-renowned brands and help them recreate their brand image on multiple platforms

Data Management & Product Data Optimisation

The Data managers are working on the optimisation of product data supplied by our clients and they transform it to meet specific criteria for each marketplace. The Data managers use various automation and optimisation tools that enable them to quickly and efficiently perform the data mapping routines in order to substantially improve the SEO across multiple channels.

This is the job for you if:

  • You are an analytical, driven and well-organised individual with a can-do attitude
  • You have a passion for data, problem solving, and process automation
  • You love applying logic to troubleshoot issues and you come up with creative solutions that can help automate, simplify or optimise repetitive tasks
  • You want to learn more about automation, data analysis and product optimisation that is uniquely geared for the ecommerce market
  • You aspire to become a specialist in analysing data requirements in order to design and introduce automations that speed up the entire data optimisation process and enable scalability of our operations

Implementation Management

The implementation managers are responsible for leading the onboarding process for any new clients and the expansion process for existing clients. They facilitate the creation of new marketplace stores from scratch and they are specialists when it comes to technology and marketplaces.

Our implementation managers expertly coordinate the different workflows with internal and external stakeholders, while always keeping the business case in mind. They have the creative freedom to implement various solutions that facilitate the speedy and efficient launch of any store.

This is the job for you if:
You are a results-oriented, organised and process-driven person with an eye for detail
You have a gift for staying on top of things, even in dynamic situations
You appreciate open communication and collaboration
You enjoy sharing your ideas, reworking and optimising existing processes
You love thinking outside the box. You are a thinker, a doer and a creator
You want to develop your skills to design, plan and execute projects from beginning to end, while having proper guidance and support
You aspire to manage multiple large projects with international teams in a dynamic environment, while still retaining a level of creative freedom to aid you achieve optimal results

Job roles and departments in Pentagon Retail:

Category Management

Category managers are responsible for the success of a certain type of product verticals that the company is selling. They are the ones who make sure that the category is advertised in the best possible way in terms of marketing, pricing and full range of products.

Category managers maintain constant communication with suppliers, marketplaces and sales people in order to provide best products and best commercial agreements.

Category managers regularly perform researches and stay up to date with the latest developments in the product vertical. They regularly prepare and analyse reports and work closely with the business analysts in the company.

Category managers closely monitor the sales orders within the vertical and liaise internally within the group if problems of technical or other character are identified.

Project Management

The project managers deal with the planning, implementation and tracking of a specific project, which may be short or long term. WAP Retail manages multiple internal and external projects at a time and the project management department ensures that these projects deliver outputs within the agreed time, cost and quality requirements.

The project manager is responsible for the collection and easy exchange of information, as well as helping the daily work of the various online markets. Project Manager is responsible for collecting and documenting project-related information as well as sharing it with all participants to support their work.

Data Management

Data Managers are key members of the Data Management team with the ability to make sense of and process product data.  Data Managers work with spreadsheets, analyse information, write business logic and automate processes by working with a set of internal and external software tools and scripts.

Data Managers are given various tasks and they often need to switch from one task to another, depending on business priorities.

Data Managers build and constantly maintain up to date knowledge on marketplaces optimisation best practices. They are specialists in at least one product vertical and understand the similarities and differences for optimisation in their vertical on the different marketplaces. The optimised listings by the Data Managers measure up to the defined quality standards and utilise all functions available for the supplier on the given marketplaces through the chosen software.

Data Science & Data Analysis

The data scientists are responsible for creating, improving, and analysing business processes and data arrays, as well as summarising information consisting of small details and linking these findings to the big picture and strategy of the business. This role must be able to independently identify/collect all the resources and data needed to structure a large amount of information within a process, operation, or business requirement.

The data scientists’ tasks involve investigating, understanding, analysing and processing a variety of information about different projects with different data specifics. He/she interprets all data flows within the business, investigates the business requirements for them, and improves, automates and/or reengineers the current processes and infrastructure while at the same time aims at finding the balance in meeting the needs of all stakeholders.


The Finance Manager is responsible for delivering accurate information in agreed time frames, concerning the financial position of the company and its contractors. The information may include, but is not limited to: cash flow management and financial control, budgeting, control over deviations of previously set financial targets, participation in the pricing of different goods and services offered by the companies, sales forecasts, cost optimization, payment authorization, preparation of various analyses and reports concerning the company’s financial position and business development.
The Finance Manager monitors and reports on in a timely manner the generated sales and revenues. The role includes review and authorization of monthly expenses, payroll expenses and other financial incentives for employees; contact and relationship management with bank and non-bank institutions and partners of the company. The Finance Manager is involved in all processes related to the development of the department and its employees, as well as activities related to the development of bonus systems in different teams and businesses. He/she is responsible for all business applications that support the business development and the optimization of processes in the department, and if necessary assists in solving administrative and legal cases related directly or indirectly to the financial performance of the business.

Job roles and departments in Pentagon Technology:


Software Development

Software QA Engineer

The Software Quality Assurance Engineer supports the development team in analysing, designing, building and testing WAP Technology software. The SQA Engineer reviews functional requirements and user stories from business partners; designs test plans, writes test cases, oversees test strategies and performs testing for the WAP Technology software.

The SQA Engineer identified and verifies defects, maintains documentation of test results to assist in debugging and modification of the WAP Technology software, analyses test results to certify existing functionality and integrations and recommends corrective action upon failures.

System Administation


  • Manages all levels of service, including physical servers, hardware, operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Solaris), and application support.
  • Maintains and administers the Pentagon Interactive infrastructure including MAN / WAN / LAN networks and voice environments located in data centers where most of the corporate / manufacturing servers are.
  • Provides traffic analysis to ensure proper data provision on supported networks.
  • Design, plan, and build the network by updating network equipment data.
  • Install new software versions and system enhancements in production environment.
  • Tests, evaluates, and performs OS Patches.
  • Presents and resolves all internal issues related to network, hardware / software, peripherals, and software for WAP Technology Compress.
  • Builds a disaster recovery / disaster recovery system.
  • Develops procedures and documentation for ongoing and periodic maintenance throughout the network.
  • Performs analysis of security risks and network vulnerabilities, working with all teams to reduce these risks.
  • Supports remote access (ssh) and VPN.
  • Install and configure Linux, Windows, SUN, MacOS based servers.
  • Optimizes automated processes.
  • Build and maintain up-to-date IT documentation.
  • Manages corporate storage systems (SAN, NAS technologies (NFS, CIFS, GFS)).
  • Configure, update, and troubleshoot network hardware issues – (Cisco, Dell, HP, and 3Com).
  • Works with developers to ensure high-level support for the following factors – performance, functionality and accessibility.
  • Develops supporting documentation, technical assessments, feasibility studies.
  • Manages, optimizes and implements Disaster Recovery procedures to provide operational and technical requirements.


Integration & Support

The Technical Support Specialist (TSS) provides technical support internally and externally to clients and internal teams using our marketplace management software. S/he monitors software processes are running smoothly and also reports directly to his/her team leader on anything that can have negative affect on the work process of our clients.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Assist clients or internal group staff with solving technical problems, issues related to the projects in implementation and in general technical challenges with the marketplace management software
  • Follow up on customer enquiries, referring them to appropriate internal or external departments/parties and provide full explanation of the problem
  • Work with ticketing and bug tracking systems used by external and internal companies
  • Deal with any open tickets within the internal SLAs and by following relevant instructions provided by the team leader
  • Work with development and QA teams on solving bugs and issues
  • Monitor internal alerting system and acts on solving issues
  • Set up feeds in and out of the marketplace management software and assist with integration issues
  • Proactively participate in the technical set up and suggest improvements to the clients’ or We Are Pentagon’s processes
  • Carry out extensive testing of the technical work streams and ensure processes are working as per the scope and pass We Are Pentagon’s quality standards
  • Proactively suggest improvements and new functionalities for our software
  • Proactively take part in building and maintaining internal knowledge and FAQ base and creating any relevant documentation as required
  • Train, mentor and assist the Junior Technical Support Specialists in their onboarding and day-today work

Product Management

The Software Development Manager manages the process related to the development of WAP Technology Compress software. He is responsible for coordinating all activities related to the development of a new software product and achieving the quality required by the client and the company within the specified deadlines. The Software Development Manager is responsible for setting goals and defining the strategies and software development that the company offers to its customers.


  • Exploring the technical details related to the launch of each new software product development project.
  • The software development manager provides the information needed to determine whether a software product will be made. This process involves researching the market, studying the technical and functional parameters of the product, customer requirements, and more.
  • It is responsible for defining objectives and deadlines for the development of a project, as well as providing the means to achieve it.
  • In the process of making a new software product, the Software Development Manager is responsible for completing it within the specified deadlines.
  • The manager, software development, performs product testing – during its development and before finalizing the project.
  • Responsible for the final approval of new functionalities and operations for a given software product.
  • Responsible for achieving the set parameters and quality of the final product.
  • Throughout the software product development process, Manager, Software Development follows the needs of end users, what products are sought and what competitive products are offered. It analyzes the information used to determine the needs of a product. It also creates and presents to the parties the whole vision of the software product.
  • Introduces ideas for the development of software products.
  • Manager, Software Development daily determines and prioritizes the tasks associated with the development of a particular software product that must be performed by the software development team.
  • Manager, Software Development coordinates all steps in the process and reports to the Business Division Manager and, in his absence, to the Company Manager.
  • Performs other tasks assigned by a direct manager, manager or manager.


With offices in 6 counties, we pride ourselves on our ability to build local presence in key ecommerce regions and to venture into new territories. We are constantly expanding our global reach and exploring new opportunities in the global market.

  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria- Founded 2009
  • London, UK – Founded 2010
  • Sofia, Bulgaria – Founded 2011
  • India – Founded 2016
  • Bangkok, Thailand – Founded 2016
  • Tokyo, Japan – Founded 2017
  • Sheffield, UK – Founded 2018
  • Singapore – Founded 2018